Wood is a wonderful material and a renewable resource that has been – and still is – of enormous significance to mankind. For instance, consider the importance paper has in the dispersion of knowledge to everyone and not only to a wealthy few. Paper is a 2000 year old invention, however modern paper production, based on the decomposition of wood into its individual fibres, started for about 150 years ago. Now, there is a large interest in decomposing the fibres into its building blocks; the microfibrils. This is also the main focus of my research. Microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) is composed of bundles of cellulose molecules arranged in parallel in crystalline and amorphous regions. These very strong and small scaled fibrils may be utilized in new products and open up possibilities that may not yet been foreseen. Just like the researchers did 150 years ago, we are probably facing the next step in the development and utilization of the wood’s building blocks. My work will hopefully be a contribution to this development and I feel grateful for being a part of this research tradition.

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